The back is done and the two front panels are started. I should have photographed the back on my dark wood coffee table like in the previous photo since it makes for better contrast. Anyway I have to say I’m really enjoying knitting something so delicate and lacy.


You shouldn’t knit lace when watching Snakes on a Plane. I love horror movies and this ‘b’ style movie was very entertaining but not the best thing to watch while knitting a lace baby cardigan. I ended up ripping out 2 rows of lace about half way through the movie. I foolishly persisted in knitting taking the other half of the movie to re-knit the two rows I ripped out.

I’m working the front panels together like when one knits a pair of sleeves at the same time. It’s working out well and I’m using stitch markers to mark the edges so I don’t mix up which side is which when it comes time to do the shaping and button holes.


1. I lost my hearing in my left ear at the age of 8. I have only 90% hearing in my right and 10% in my left. I can’t wear a hearing aid because the loss it nerve damage. The reason for the loss has never been diagnosed except for the fact it happened right after a two week stay in the hospital because I had croup.

2. I’m a closet adult thumb sucker. It’s really embarassing and I think a lot of people know this about me but don’t talk about it (I know at least 2 other adults who still suck their thumbs). I really only do it at night but sometimes I catch myself thumb in mouth when I’m really tired or stressed. I guess I’m not in the closet about it so much anymore.

3. I eat the thing I dislike the most on my plate first and work my way to my favorite part of the meal last.

4. I hate raisins, but only if they are baked in something. If they are chewy and dried up I like them fine but if they are plump and juicy I will actually gag if I bite into one.

5. I amost always brush my teeth before I leave the house. Even if it means it’s the 5th time that day that I brush them. When I worked in an office I used to brush my teeth at lunch time. I hate the thought of having bad breath.



This is my latest project. It seems like I always know of at least one pregnant woman. This is the first time I’ve knit anything with lace in it which is strange considering I’ve been knitting for 20-odd years. I love how the piece develops and the pattern is easy to remember. I can just look at the row and know which pattern I need to follow. I was worried about screwing the thing up and having to rip it out a million times.

I’m going away for the weekend for a much needed holiday. When I return next week I will be posting the pattern for the winter set I made for the girls. It’s about time I added a new pattern to my list. I just need to recall the pattern for the hat and type it out.


Nothing new to report in my life right now. Mostly the same old same old. We’ve moved a computer onto the main floor which means I have easy access to the internet while keeping an eye on the toddlers. I feel like I have a lot more freedom because of it. I can even update my blog from that computer – well as long as my DH can figure why it keeps turning off and re-starting.

I got this great accessory case from my Mom at Christmas. I’m sure it has a hundred and one uses but it’s great for a knitting accessory case. The little monkeys can not open it.

I was laughing at myself the other day as an experienced knitter that I was struggling to knit some face cloths for the children. For the life of me I couldn’t remember how to do it. It took 4 cloths and an internet search to reveal how it’s done. Here’s the best and last one I created:


And here at last are the tube socks I’ve been working on. Only the toe needs to be knit. I’m sure I can whip that off this evening. This pattern has been super simple and lots of fun. It came from Better Home and Gardens “Hip Knits”.