You might be wondering a) where the heck I’ve been and b) what the heck is that? I really have no excuse for where I’ve been other then playing way too much WoW and it’s tricky trying to co-ordinate two computers and blogging. See half the stuff I need is on one machine and the other is on the other machine. I really need to get my DH to take the two and merger them somehow.

Okay now for b). That’s a photo of the start of my potty seat bag. It maybe hard to understand what’s going on there, but hey I’m just going to make you come back and see for yourself what the deal is. I saw the colour pattern on the back of a knitting book I had and thought that would be a great way to use up my leftover chunky yarn. There was no chart for the pattern, but it’s a simple diamond within a diamond thing. I never have more then 2 colours on the go at once. I forgot how great it is to knit in chunky because it’s instant gratification. Knit two rows gain a 1/4 inch. Sweet.

I’ve totally blown any resolutions I had for the New Year. I still haven’t joined the guild which sucks because I read on the Yarn Harlot’s blog that she spoke there last Tuesday.  I would have loved to meet her. She has inspired me and through her humor helped me through some bad days. I’m not just talking knitting here. I mean as a mom and a human being. I won’t bore you with the details of my struggles – this is a blog about knitting after all.

I will be posting the pattern to hat, mitt and scarf sets I made for the girls soon. I think anyone looking for toddler mittens will be happy to have my pattern as the mittens actually fit little hands.