As always I’ve been busy. Potty training is going pretty good, although I would like to see fewer poop accidents – yuck. Little G turned 2 today. I’m in awe of my youngest daugther sometimes. My husband and I keep saying we can’t believe she’s only 2 because she’s so smart. She talks almost as well as a three year and has started figuring out how to put together her older sister’s 24 piece puzzles. Her independence is striking. She insists on doing everything herself. “I do it!” is a common phrase.


Happy 2nd Birthday Gwyneth!

In other news I’ve decided that it’s worth the $35 a year to join my local knitter’s guild. I think it’ll do me good to get out. Plus I’m going to apply at Michael’s for a knitting instructor position – if they have any open right now. I hope to get some pictures of the winter sets I’m working on soon. I’ve been a bit lazy about knitting these days since I got addicted to a new RPG call World of Warcraft (WoW – for us geeks).