Been busy… potty training

I just wanted to write a quick entry to say I’ve been really busy. I just started potty training little A and it’s not going well at all. She’ll sit on the potty, but she doesn’t do anything except five minutes later on the floor. Very frustrating.

I’ve finished little A’s scarf and I’m just adding the pom pom fringe. I’ll have to post pictures later as I just don’t have the time to so right now.

Well that’s it for today I hope to have more to say in the next few days.

2 Comments to “Been busy… potty training”

  1. Cheryl

    Sounds just like my eldest son when he was little,would not do it in the potty,but would do it on the floor,my youngest one,it took me a couple of days to potty train him,but they are all different,good luck on the potty training Louise.

  2. Louise Author

    After the first three days little A caught on and she’s been accident free for almost 5 days now! I’m absolutly amazed at how fast she caught on. I was invisioning months of several daily accidents. I hope she keeps going as well as she has.


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