I’m back

It was a lovely weekend vacation. A much needed one as my anger management wasn’t been very well managed last week. At times being home with my children while watching other people’s children too can make me feel so trapped and emotionally depleted. Young childern demand so much from you it can be exhausting. Going away helped me do some soul searching and helped me gain a better perspective on my life as it is right now. I also felt I got to re-connect with my husband. So much is about the girls that I feel my marriage relationship gets my second best.

If you’re interested in seeing a little slide show of about half the pictures we took check out this on our flickr account.

On Friday we drive for 3.5 hrs. up to Port Carling, Ontario and arrived at the Shamrock Inn Lodge around 4:30 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. we enjoyed what I felt was one of the best meals in a resort I’ve ever had. The meals proved to be delicious for throughout the entire weekend. We stayed in this cozy one room plus bath cabin called the Courthouse.

In the morning we drove to Bracebridge and found a Tim Hortons and a lovely yarn shop called the Yarn Connection. It was great shop and I spent a half hour drolling over the yarn. I managed to leave yarn free but not without a copy of Interweave Knitting and a pair of hardwork knitting needles (gift from my sweet hubby). On Saturday we spent the day in Bala, Ontario. We enjoyed the Cranberry Festival that took place their that weekend. In the evening I tried my hand at some drawing. I haven’t sketched in years. I haven’t anything to really show for it, but I did feel all my years of training and skill creeping back.

Of course I had ample time for knitting too. I worked on little A’s scarf. I’ve decided to go with a pom pom ‘fringe’ instead of a regular fringe. The basic hats are finished, but I still want to add some flowers to little A’s hat and maybe a teddy bear or snowflake on little G’s. I’m going to either sew them on or use duplicat stitch like I mentioned before. The images show were I’m at right now.


The Celtic sweater is sitting quietly, waiting for me to photograph it and get it posted on either ebay or etsy. The main problem is photographing it, because most people like to see the sweater on someone, but I don’t know anyone that is small enough to model for me. The thing is like a size 4 or 6. I’m sure with a bit of asking around I’ll find someone who can model it. If comes to I do fit in it, it’s just not comfortable to wear for a long period of time. More to come on this saga.

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  1. Noelle

    What a lovely holiday! I’m so happy you made time to do that. It’s so important. BTW, I wear a size 4 and would be happy to model it for you. However, I guess it would help if I lived closer! lol Ok, off to look at your pictures…

  2. Louise Author

    Maybe the next time I see you I’ll get you to model it. I can put up for sale anytime. I wish I could have weekend vacations like that every month, it was really good for the soul.


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