Fall is coming

I’m trying to get out and play with the girls as much as possible. Soon the cold weather will be here and it’ll be harder to get outside. I’m not big on playing in the snow. Perhaps that’ll change this winter, but I can’t make the girl’s any promises.

I took the camera out today and took these shots:


Lovely red leaves

Little G looking at leaf


Little G getting a little too close to the camera


Little A and I (please excuse my lack of make up and even brushed hair)

Little A being cute

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  1. johanna heard

    hello dear Louise, well I got my computer back and I can now read your site again! I was so touched that you wrote about Moms knitting needle holder and how much it meant to you. I agree, you and your Oma and much in common, you are both gifted loving people. God gave you both the love, passion and talent of art including knitting. I am glad to see a renewed interest in this earthy craft. I look forward to teaching or help in the teaching of all my grandchildren. It may sound sappy, but I feel closer to God and to my mom when I knit. It is so theraputic and when my hands are sore with this crazy arthritis, the new bamboo needles help in their warmth. I will send some sites about the fleese knitting. love and huggs Mom

  2. johanna heard

    hi louise here is a site from the east coast where”thrum”knitting is very comman. it shows a picture of the finished mittens. I will send more sites as I find them. sorry messed up I will the site later love mom

  3. johanna heard

    http://fiberfreak.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_fiberfreak_archive.html here is the site that shows a picture of the Thrum knitting, I will try and find more. as you know, your crazy mother got a bag of unwashed fleece of alpaca and mohair !!! at the London fair this month. I will wash it gently, lay it out in the sun, and when dry card it with 2 dog brushes and yea! will do some “thruming” I have knitted patterns for slippers and mittens that I will send you. for anyone reading this you can buy washed carded fleece from a good knitting store. I think we need to get back to the ancient knitting, back to our ancestors knitting, just to have a little of their life anhd feel closer. happy knitting love mom

  4. Louise Author

    Hi Mom. So glad you made it to my site. I love having a blog, it’s like Noelle says sometimes you have stuff you want to get out there to friends and family but it’s 2 a.m.

    Thanks for the link to the thrumming stuff. I actually read that particular blog. Yarn Harlot is really funny, you should read her blog all the time you’d like it.

    I find knitting to be theraputic too. It makes me think about the hundreds and hundreds of generations of women and men who knit not for leisure but out of necessity. Can you imagine everyone needing to know how to knit so they could have warm things to wear? Amazing isn’t it.

    Did you check out Noelle’s blog? It’s the link on the right called Sadie Says.


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