I should have stayed in bed…

Uggh! I’m having one of those days. After struggling for the better part of the day trying to figure out how to do kitchener bind off in the round (my first time every trying it out). I’ve discovered that this bind off is rather unforgiving and I can’t get the @#$% thing over my head. I think with a regular cast off it would fit fine. So here I sit, having to pull the neck out and start the whole neck over. I couldn’t possibly unravel the kitchener bind off at this point. It’s going to be easier to hack at it with sissors (okay maybe I need to step away from this until tomorrow). I’m pretty sure the number of stitches I used around the neck are fine, but maybe I should start over and add a few more just incase.

Okay I need to go and weep for a while. Maybe I’ll have a cup of green tea and some dutch spice cookies to make me feel better.

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