When interests collide

So I quit my job. Yep I up and quit 3 weeks ago. I’ve maintained a consultant relationship with my previous company and I started a graphic design company called Blue Bug Design. So far things have been pretty good although I’d like to have more work. I’ve been filling the gaps by exploring creative endeavours like knitting and other fibre arts. I feel so free (even though I worried a bit more about money). I’ve been taking time for me by exercising and giving myself time to relax.

I get to pursue the things I love more and this week I started designing a new pattern. Along with knitting I am fascinated by true crime and forensic science. I decided to merge the two and started to develop a blood spatter scarf. This is in it’s baby stage. I think I will try it using fine yarn and maybe try my hand at double knitting so the other side looks as finished as the other.

And here’s my progress on my black vest (and yes I’m breaking my rule about not working on more than one project at a time).

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