I thought I should post something to let you know that I’m still around. I’m exhausted today and it’s self-inflicted. I went to my company’s annual dinner and dance and got smashed. Yeah I know not very mature or smart :). I don’t do that sort of thing often and I’m paying for it big time. That said I had a lot of fun last night.

Knit wise I’m still working on little A’s cropped sweater and a pair of wrist warmers for Spring (whenever it decides to show up). My schedule was messed up all week and I was getting a ride into work so knitting time was quite reduced.

I’ve also been working on finishing up a website I started for a friend ages ago. You can see the work thus far here. I’ve been discussing a re-design on a site I did for another friend a couple years ago. I’ve been exploring the use of css for web building and I discovered I really love it. The downside to all this freelance stuff is it eats up knitting time. I need to figure out away to type and knit at the same time.


Well it doesn’t look like little A’s sweater will be done on time – even if I didn’t sleep for the next 48 hrs and did nothing but knit I’d never get it done. Oh well she can wear it in the spring. I think I’m going to knit matching shells or ‘T’ shirts to go with the sweaters. I’ve also decided that I’m making a bigger size sweater for Gwynn and the first one can be gifted to a little girl it’ll actually fit.

On a side note yesterday little G had the stomach flu. My husband was a great nurse who had to deal with a house full of crap and vomit. He was fine until after cleaning little G up who christened the bed both ways whilst napping, proceeded to throw up on him and our brand new couch. I received an email with the simple words ‘oh god she just threw up on the couch’. The man deserves a medal.

I took today off to prepare for the Easter weekend and try to get some ‘me’ time. Well that hasn’t happened. Although little G is much, much better I’ve spent the day cleaning frightening toilets and washing ever blessed linen that may have come in contact with ‘bodily fluids’.


I finished the the cropped sweater for little G to wear on Easter – It only took two weeks, however I don’t think little A’s will be ready for Easter. The sweater is a bit snug, but is still wearable. I may give it to one of the many friends I have with younger daughter’s and make larger sized one for her later.


I will write up the pattern for this one along with a few others I’ve been meaning to put up. I be able to work the ‘bugs’ out when I make little A’s.




Here’s a photo from my back yard as it compares to the photo from my last post. Note the tiny bit of green – yeah that’s the girls slide. And to think that tomorrow the clocks ‘spring’ ahead an hour, what a rip.

The latest two projects:


One of the two cropped length sweaters I’m making on the ‘fly’ for the girls. I say on the ‘fly’ because I have no pattern and I’m honestly making it up as I go. I’m writing stuff down so if it turns out I’ll have a pattern to post and to follow for the second sweater which will be one size bigger.


Bus project – wrist warmers for whenever the hell Spring decides to show up.