Bag complete

Here’s the new closure which I think is at least prettier then the old one. It’s also a bigger opening.


Here’s a view looking in.


A few more views.



I took a few pictures of the girls today that I wanted to share. Also the cats, aka the brothers, showed me how a shawl makes for a nice bed.


Little A


Little G


The Brothers

2 Comments to “Bag complete”

  1. Noelle

    OMG how is it that the blonde goes brunette and the eskimo baby goes blonde?? I don’t know if it’s the picture or what, but A looks WAY darker than the last time I saw her!

    And those two brothers are coming home in my bag the next time I’m there. Say your goodbyes now…

  2. Louise Author

    ROFL! Your observations are correct little A is getting darker while little G gets blonder. At least they’ve each got a little of the other parent in them somewhere.

    BTW The Cats Are Mine!


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