I want to post so much today, but I’m just too tired. I was up until 2 a.m. setting up WordPress (mostly figuring out how to change colours etc.). Big mistake as the girls were up around 8 a.m. and although my husband kindly let me sleep until 9 a.m. it just wasn’t enough zzz’s.

My mom gave me a wonderful gift on the weekend (several actually, but this is the best by far). It’s a needle holder carved from a single piece of wood that came possibly from my Great Grandma from the Netherlands. It was my Grandma’s and my Grandpa gave it to my mom after she passed away. My mom decided to pass along to me. It even has some very long and fine dpn’s for knitting lace in it. I hope to get enough sunlight tomorrow to take a picture of it to post.

Okay now I’m off to play a bit more with the girls before bath time and bed time. It’s going to be an early night for me.


As you can see I’ve started anew. I lost my archives and I DON’T want to talk about it. I apologize, but it’ll probably take some time to get things similar to the way they were. I hope to make some improvements and revisions.

I had a great long weekend and I’ve been inspired to do some art again. I hope to share my sucesses and failures with you all along with my knitting projects of course. If you are looking for my free patterns page click here. If you want my tips page you can either follow the link off of my free patterns page or click here. I will have permenant links to these pages once I have the site the way I want it.

I am happy to have a means to blog again!!!


Here’s a reminder of what I’m working on these days. The sleeves are going to be a long, mind-numbing journey of double knitted rib, but it’ll be worth it.